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Germain St-Denis, CMC MLE℠

Leadership Consultant, Career Development Coach, Mentor

💥 New Book ⤵️

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People First

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2024 New Book!

💥 Endorsed by renowned leaders and executive coaches.💥

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A book for

senior leaders and

C suite executives

A book for

aspiring, new and experienced leaders

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“a beacon for those seeking authentic leadership in a world filled with superficial advice”

Dr Marsahll Goldsmith,

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author

About Me

I enjoy life and find helping people succeed very rewarding.

I offer the benefit of my experience during the covid-19 pandemic as well as prior leadership roles effectively leading remote teams with diverse skill sets across a wide geography. As a road warrior, strategist, manager, director and vice-president in large and smaller firms, I learned what motivates people to give their best.

I have been fortunate to work with multi-generational teams, including Gen Z and Millennials, emerging leaders, cross-functional, multi-cultural and international teams. I also mentor select U of Toronto M.Eng. students taking Management Consulting courses.

Leadership | Culture | Performance | Leadership & Career Development Coaching | Transformation | Future of Work | Hybrid Work | Return to Office

Let's Make This Work For YOU...


People First and Servant Leadership Advocate

Passionate about People, Teamwork, Collaboration and the Human Connection


on employee retention, acquisition, engagement, performance,

and strategy execution

The Architect of People First captures the essence of my leadership style, beliefs and principles based on years of experience and demonstrated history of building and leading high performing loyal teams delivering consistently high results.

“Servant leadership is the best way to achieve both great results and great relationships.” Ken Blanchard

why Caring Leadership?

Caring Leadership is helping people to be their best

👉👉👉 What do I do? I help leaders and their teams reach their full potential through caring leadership and people first workplace culture empowering people to deliver results ✅✅✅

““You can employ men {and women} and hire hands to work for you,

but you must win their HEARTS to have them work with you.” Merle Shain

Let's Make This Work For YOU...

About YOU

Challenged to retain and attract top talent--- pressured to improve performance?

  • Hybrid / remote workplace, return to office, employee engagement, talent wars, the rapid pace of change, technology and innovation...

  • Generation Divide? Gen Z, Millennials...Boomers. Zoomers, Perennials?

  • Struggling, tired, stressed managers and leaders?

YOUR success depends on having a motivated and engaged team.

If you care about people, and you SHOULD, I can help!

"Emotional energy is the true motivation of the human spirit; it’s the force of life. When you lead from the heart, your people will follow." — Mark C. Crowley

WHat if you could go from this...☹️

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to this.... 😃

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"We humans are emotional creatures;

without that understanding, one cannot lead effectively."

Germain St-Denis

Leader as COACH

Care for each of your teammates



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Orchestrate them into becoming “inter-dependent”



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Align them around your group’s goals, purpose & values


Challenge them to become recognized

as experts in some 'go-to' niche




Help them become even more successful than they might have without your hands-on involvement


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Copyright 2023

Patrick J. McKenna

Illustration Germain L St-Denis

Services Provided — Empowered Leadership Solutions

“To succeed in your leadership role, you will also need a special set of skills:

the ability to influence other people’s emotions, feelings, attitudes and their determination.” Patrick J McKenna

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1:1 Coaching

🚀 Boost human capability

Individual Development

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Team Consulting

🚀 Boost performance

Team Development

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Thought Leadership

Leverage my experience, invite me to your next leadership meeting, seminar or conference.


Empowering Leaders IN ACTION Leadership Development Roundtable
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for individuals,

teams and peer groups.

Reach out to save your spot!

👉👉 “I found great benefit from the Empowering Leaders IN ACTION coaching group. I was expecting support in my development as a leader, I received so much more." (David, VP)

I Work with you

Find effective ways to

Boost your human capability (all levels)

Retain and attract top talent

Improve engagement, employee, customer sat

Uncover hidden patterns

Improve performance as a result

"Managers work with processes – leaders work with people." -John C. Maxwell

👉 Flexible, personalized, customized

👉 Individual and group coaching

👉 Project based, fractional role, adhoc

👉 Reasonable fee structure to suit

“The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people.” - Ken Blanchard


Former staff members

  • an Understanding, Actionable and Caring Manager
  • A great Manager and an awesome human being
  • You’ll always be my boss in my heart
  • The right balance between the human aspect and the work aspect
  • Under Germain’s leadership, the team maintained the highest quality of consultants
  • Germain attracts great talent because he brings out the best in people to enable them to achieve both their goals as well as the overall goals for the organization.

Former bosses and clients

  • People love working for you because you're interested in them as a person
  • Germain's collaborative style of management allowed him to build a "one team" culture where he provided direct coaching and individualized career guidance.
  • You are good at openly facilitating discussion without driving your agenda solely
  • I like that you question us, asking WHY and HOW we do things
  • You thrived from your first week with us

Let's connect!

Please reach out, tell me about with your needs and challenges.

We'll book a FREE 30 minute discovery call. Thank you!

Be the leader people love to work for! Be the leader who cares!

Oui, je parle français. Natif l’est de l’Ontario, je suis passionné par la vie. Au travail et en affaire, je suis passionné par le leadership, le travail d’équipe, l’excellence des opérations, ainsi que la satisfaction client.

Veuillez me contacter. Au plaisir!

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